1st workshop of Aeroelasticity , 10-11-12 August 2017


This workshop gives you an opportunity to understand  recent  theories behind the aeroelasticity of aircraft  as part of aircraft design. It makes you innovate by coming up with your own design style.  Interactive lectures session and design sessions helps you design your  aircraft.



Course Highlights
• Math and Phys backwords
• Learn all the introductory concepts of aeroelasticity
• Introduction to aeroelasticity Design Algorithms
Course Structure
• Introductory Lecture on Aeroelasticity – 2 hours
• Interactive Design Sessions – 2 hours
• Interactive lectures of Design with new Aeroelasticity Algorithms – 8 hours
• News in Aeroelasticity and Aerospace Structures  – 4 hours
• Testing Session –  2 hours
• Q&A – 2+2 hour
Topics Covered
• Basics of Aeroelasticity
• Aeroelasticity and iterations with different Systems in an Aircraft
• Stability & elasticity of an Aircraft , new developments
• Adaptative surfaces in a  Aircraft , interactions .


Workshop class completed, no new candidations  available.

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